Writing Contest Winners - First Ever Writing Contest

Writing Contest Winners - First Ever Writing Contest


I watched him pull the wooden paint stick from the paint can and begin to run. I began to run, in slow motion it seemed, after him. He thought it was a game, so he ran faster. Paint dripped all over my new carpet. He got stuck once, just as I thought I had him, and he managed to push himself through the small space splattering the paint all over my black leather sofa and chair.more

Dear Dogsitter

Dear Dogsitter: Thank you so much for agreeing to take care of the dogs while I’m away. Even though some people claim Corgis are a “high-maintenance” breed, I think you’ll find my three to be delightful housemates with very few idiosyncrasies. Below are just a few “house rules” you might want to review prior to your arrival.more

Sophie the Unicorn Dog

She was there when an important relationship fell apart and I thought my heart would never heal. She looked at me with soulful eyes as if to say, “It will be alright and life goes on.” And she was right, for someone new came into my life, whose friendship I treasure to this day.more

What I Learned from Buddy

The second rule was, no sleeping on my bed. The first morning, I woke up and found myself staring at this sweet little face on the pillow next to me, and he was staring back. I laughed, and the second rule went out the window. Little did I know that long ago morning what an amazing journey it would be with Buddy, and that one day he would save my life, as I had saved his.more

Lucky Dog

“She’s chosen me,” Bob had said. So, we filled out the adoption papers and a week later, Maggie had made herself at home, treeing the 13-year-old cat, barking at anything that moved within a one-mile radius, and tearing the woven-wood shades off the window frame.more

My Dog Vicky

She was the ugliest dog I had ever seen, black and brown brindle, a Pitbull body with a Labrador head, a crooked leg but the clearest, most beautiful brown eyes. I trapped her in a live trap at the local landfill four years ago. The guys who worked there had picked the trap up and placed it under the awning. It was a cold and wet November afternoon.more

Dog of the Week!

Meet: Beauty