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Heart Dog Family Teaser

Getting A Puppy After Losing Your Heart Dog

The dog that changed everything and the dog that comes next more

Supplements For Dogs Fighting Cancer

Vet recommended supplements to complement cancer therapies and help dogs fighting cancer more

Give Your Dog a Little Lift!

If your dog needs some rear-end support, the Walkabout Rear Harness is a beloved solution that has helped many pet parents assist dogs who are having trouble...more

4 Signs of Osteoarthritis

Is it osteoarthritis or something else? This checklist will help determine what’s at the root of your dog’s slow down more

Learn About the Powers of The New Zealand Greenlipped Mussel

Do you have an older dog that’s slowing down, or is no longer able to participate in the activities they used to love like going for walks, running, or playing...more

Best Beds

{For the Snuggler} Some dogs love the cozy feeling of being beneath the covers or in a den-like environment—this is the bed for them! The Snuggle Cave Bed...more

9-Year-Old Adopts "the Oldest Dog in the Shelter"

Kaylee, an eleven-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier who lived at BARCS Animal Shelter in Baltimore, finally finds her forever home when a nine-year-old makes the decision to "adopt the oldest dog at the shelter". more
pet stairs

Help Your Pets Stairs

Aging isn't always fun, but it doesn't have to be pain! Help your dog live a comfortable, normal life even if his mobility is impaired with these convenient...more
4 Things You Should Be Doing For Your Senior Dog

4 Things You Should Be Doing For Your Senior Dog

Tips to help keep your senior dog spry more
5 Reasons Why Senior Dogs Make Great Pets

5 Reasons Why Senior Dogs Make Great Pets

How could you not love no housetraining?! more


Dog of the Week!

Meet: Kato