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A portrait of 3 dogs

The Allure of Modern Pet Portraits in Celebrating Beloved Animals

How Modern Pet Portraits celerbate the love for our beloved animals more
Dog Yawning

Why Does My Dog Yawn When I Pet Him?

Why dogs yawn and what dog yawns mean.  more
Top 7 Homemade Dog Treat Recipes

Top 7 Homemade Dog Treat Recipes

Dog treat recipes that are simple to make, do not take much time, and are worth the effort. Your dog will appreciate some homemade dog food. more
Man with Husky

To Hell and Back: A Puppy Story

The puppy that almost broke our family. more

Your Dog is Boosting Your Brain Performance

How having a pet reduces brain aging and delays cognitive decline. more

Dog of the Week!

Meet: Kato