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Meet: Phoebe

St. Bernard
Ames, Iowa

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Phoebe the Dog is a large and in charge girl with big dreams. Inspired by Chris the Dog, star of her favorite film, Beethoven, Phoebe recently moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in dog acting and plus-sized dog modeling. In her spare time, she enjoys bacon, long walks on the beach and being a certified, red-vest-wearing service dog for her disabled and wobbly human, Lauren.
Pheebs, Pheebula, Pheebers, Dogface, Little Bear
Dogs, humans, attention from dogs and humans, bacon, beef, bison, poultry, apples, carrots, the beach, toys that squeak, hugs, running in circles around her favorite tree, tummy rubs, ear rubs, head rubs, foot rubs, Beethoven, snow.
Hot days, baths, water hoses (see: baths,) fireworks, Frontline days, Cujo, not getting bacon.
Favorite Foods: 
Bison, beef, chicken, turkey, fish, carrots, apples, cheese, bacon, olive oil, yogurt, the occasional slice of wheat bread.
Favorite Pastimes: 
Romping, running really fast for a relatively short period of time, going to parties and hanging out with friends, taking walks in the neighborhood and stopping every three seconds to sniff tree trunks, digging large holes, watching Beethoven.

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