Veterinary consultant Danielle Inman with a tortoise

The Vet for “Other” Pets

This vet is an expert in non-traditional pets.  more
Bobi, the World’s Oldest Dog Ever, Dies Aged 31

Bobi, the World’s Oldest Dog Ever, Dies Aged 31

The record-breaking Portuguese pup passed at age 31 more
SuperZoo 2023 Is Here!

SuperZoo 2023 Is Here!

We can’t wait to see what SuperZoo 2023 has in store for us this year!  Don’t miss checking out our list of “Must Visit” booths below: more
Spring 2023 Issue Sneak Peek

Sneak Peek: Modern Dog's Spring 2023 Issue is Here!

Ah, puppies. Adorable or incorrigible? Depends on your perspective—and your approach. These too-cute mischief makers can quickly turn from “best idea ever” to...more

Are You Ready For Global Pet Expo 2023?

It’s here! The annual event all pet retailers and distributors look forward to is live and in-person on March 22-24 in Orlando, Florida! Connecting pet...more

Pup Podcast

Heartwarming new podcast tells the stories of dogs who have saved their owners' lives more

Come, Luna! Come, Max!

Most popular dog names of 2022 revealed  more

Sneak Peek: Modern Dog's Winter Issue is Here!

Ah winter, the season for everything festive and cozy, for cool and crisp outdoor adventures and evenings cuddled on the couch. The year’s final chapter is a...more

How Do We Love Our Dogs? Let Us Count the Ways…

How Do We Love Our Dogs?  Let Us Count the Ways… more

9 Interesting Dog Facts

Fascinating dog trivia and little-known canine facts more


Dog of the Week!

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