Bark of the Wild

When Genevieve Montcombroux was growing up in Paris, she dreamed of living in Canada’s North. Some called it a childhood fantasy, but at the age of 10, Montcombroux knew it would happen the moment she picked up Boreal, a book by French ethnologist and explorer Paul-Emile Victor. more

Love is Blind

When a little boy named Leo came home from school, he couldn’t stop talking about the wonderful Border Collie that had visited his class that day. Despite being blind, Riddle could run and play and even fetch. more

SAINTS Dog Hospice

Michael had spent his entire life at the end of a chain. Now 16, the Spaniel-cross caught the eye of someone who felt sorry for him and took him home, but couldn’t manage his care. He had a massive tumour on his back-end; was totally crippled with arthritis; had end-stage cardiac disease and a grade 6 heart murmur. more

Health And Hope

Cape Town is a beautiful city. Ringed by a flat-topped rise called Table Mountain, Arcadian wine country, and a wide open sea that stretches to Antarctica, it’s a favourite of European vacationers and draws comparisons to San Francisco. The drive from the airport into town, however, isn’t pretty. The N2 highway runs along a length of one of the ugliest stretches of the city: the township or informal settlement called Khayelitsha. more

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

Before my bags are unpacked, I have fallen in love with Jack. I’m not surprised, really. I knew as I was preparing for my trip to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, location of the National Geographic Channel’s DogTown, that I would want to scoop some new pals to add to my ever-expanding ark. Somewhat aloof, Jack only warms up to me after the second sweet potato snack. Admittedly larger than most animals I have approached in the “can-I-be-your-friend” crouch, he is nonetheless dainty as he takes the rumpled chew from my hand. The fact that people who eat with boorish abandon are called “pigs” strikes me as ironic when I look at Jack. For, though one of the sanctuary’s 21 pot-bellied residents, Jack’s polite manners exude all things gentleman. I quickly suspect similar epiphanies might end up being a theme over the next few days. After all, this place breathes transformative magic. more

Old Dog Haven

Old Dog Haven is the last hope for death-row shelter dogs that most
potential adopters breeze on past without a glance. The animals
targeted by Piper are eight to 17 years old. The plain truth is that
senior dogs who land at shelters have a near zero chance of survival.
While shelters do the best they can to place older animals, going so
far as to offer discounts on the elderly in some cases, or providing
scholarships for medical bills, it’s still an uphill grind. Even minor
medical costs and inconveniences such as the ongoing need for basic
prescription drugs thwart an animal’s chance of being adopted. more


Frankie was a young soldier serving in Iraq when he was seriously injured by an improvised explosive device and lost both legs. While recovering at the Walter...more

Give Me Shelter

Whatcom Humane Society, located near the Bellingham International
Airport, has animal control contracts with local governments to serve a
population of about 85,000 people, but the shelter will accept animals
surrendered from owners living anywhere. In 2006, almost 3,300 animals
were accepted into the tiny, dilapidated facility staffed by 16 people.
The non-profit organization is assisted by 75 volunteers. The kennels
have no access to sunshine or fresh air, and barking dogs blast out a
cacophony of noise. Areas for exercising and socializing animals are
nearly non-existent. Most animal shelters (including WHS) receive no
government funding with the exception of what amounts to break-even
animal control contracts. They depend entirely on donations to survive. more

The Rescuers

Though rescue groups and shelters are, more often than not, known for
sparring, in San Francisco, cooperative rescue relationships have
earned the city a reputation as a mecca for animal rescuers, a place to
go to be inspired by community involvement and creative solutions that
are saving animals’ lives.   more

Can Dogs Love? A True Story

If you want to cause a commotion in any psychology department or any other place where animal and human behaviour is studied, all that you have to do is to claim that your dog loves you. Skeptics, critics, and even some ardent supporters will pour out into the halls to argue the pros and cons of that statement. more


Dog of the Week!

Meet: Beauty