Meet Skye

Skye is a one year old Labrador/Husky mix. She was found alone in Texas, taken in by a Labrador rescue organization, and we found her from there. Her black coat and blue eyes intoxicated us. She has such a unique look and personality that we feel so lucky and blessed. She lives a dogs dream life here in New Hampshire, hiking and playing with her dog friends on the trail every day. Because she has Husky in her she "talks" to us until we finally go do her hike. Hope you enjoy her picture as much as we enjoy her!

Facts About Me
  • Age 1
  • Nicknames Skye baby, wiggle bum, wiggy, wiggle monster ... etc!
  • Dislikes When you mess with a sense of trying to check her ears, put medicine on her, etc
  • Foods She is rather picky. Right now she is eating Wellness Super 5 mix, mixed with Smothered Comfort canned food
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