St. Bernard


Say hello to our gorgeous 13 month old purebred St. Bernard male, named Buster. He is an amazing dog, with so much love to give to everyone and any thing he comes across. He is well mannered, playful, cheers us up when we're down because he can always sense just the right moment when we need his soft cuddles or licks on the face. I got him as a birthday present last February, and he's the best gift I've ever received! My family can't imagine life without him. Buster has no enemies, loves to be around kids, swim, play outside, play soccer, and sleep right next to his best friend every night (our other dog Gidget). I think Buster is absolutely stunning, and hope you do too! Thanks for considering him in this photo contest everyone! :) Sincerely yours, Niki and Buster

Facts About Me
  • Age 13 months
  • Nicknames Busty, or Liver Lips because of his pinkish jowls that hang down
  • Dislikes Not being small enough to sleep in bed with us anymore! Ha!
  • Foods Anything! He loves all food, including veggies, fruits, leaves, sticks, peanut butter and much more.
  • Pastimes Swimming, digging in the snow, and when we go on walks he loves all the attention he always gets from people passing by.
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