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The Best Spring Activities

Fun ideas to get you and your dog moving more

The Spring Gear Lookbook

Staff favourites and current obsessions. more

Stuff We Love - Spring 2023

Modern Dog staffers’ picks of the litter! more
Modern Dog Star Dog Photo

Modern Dog Star Dog Contest

Calling all dogs! Enter our Star Dog Contest, brought to you by our friends at @redbarninc, and your pup could win a full page and cover feature in the spring issue of Modern Dog magazine PLUS a 6-month supply of a Redbarn Dry Dog Food Recipe of your choice (retail value up to $500)!⁠

Tiny Dog Stories—Winter 2022

Dog love in short form: miniature, reader-submitted dog stories of no more than 100 words. more

Longevity in Dogs: The Long and the Short of It

Why do big dogs have shorter life spans than small dogs? A look at how—and why—size impacts lifespan more

Sleeping With Dogs

Should you let your dog sleep with you? These dog owners wouldn’t have it any other way more

Stuff We Love - Winter 2022

Modern Dog staffers’ picks of the litter!  more
Grooming and wellness products

Dog Gifts for Health & Wellness

Grooming and wellness products to keep your pup healthy and happy during the holidays. more
Dog Gifts for Adventures

Dog Gifts for Adventures

Great gear for every kind of pup and pup parent. more


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