Connie's Book Club—Winter 2021

Connie's Book Club

Connie's Book Club

Conservation Canines:

How Dogs Work for the Environment
By Isabelle Groc; foreword by Anjelica Huston
Conservation Canines

Through a series of fascinating success stories, Conservation Canines explores how dogs are being trained to assist researchers with pressing wildlife conservation and environmental issues, while also celebrating the extraordinary ancestral human-animal bond between dogs and their people.

Get Me Out of Here:

Reflections of PD the Put-Upon Pug
By PD the Pug and Marilee Joyce
Get Me Out of Here

PD the Pug has every luxury a dog could possibly beg for—but still feels he isn’t spoiled enough. Dog parents will laugh at the woes of this pampered pooch and perhaps recognize a bit of themselves in this hilarious, playful story told from the perspective of one very spoiled dog.

The World According to Dogs:

An Owners Manual
By Adrian Raeside
The World According to Dogs

Do humans really have their dogs all figured out? In The World According to Dogs, bestselling cartoonist Adrian Raeside lampoons dog parent antics in hysterical, spot-on cartoons and captions, while sharing hilarious dog care tips from a dog’s point of view.

A Reason for Hope

By Kristin von Kreisler
A Reason for Hope

This timely, harrowing novel explores resilience, love, and the healing power of dogs after librarian Tessa Jordan’s life is turned upside down following a traumatic assault. You’ll root for Tessa as local prosecutor Will Armstrong and his yellow Labrador Hope help her find justice.

Barking at the Moon:

A Story of Life, Love, and Kibble
By Tracy Beckerman
Barking at the Moon

In her new memoir, Barking at the Moon, award-winning humour columnist Tracy Beckerman details her family’s hectic and entertaining misadventures with their retriever Riley. This hilarious, witty, and heartwarming true story shows that welcoming a new dog into your home isn’t always a walk in the park—but it’s always worth it.

Sacred Sendoffs

By Sarah A. Bowen
Sacred Sendoffs

With humour and grace, animal chaplain Sarah A. Bowen shares her invaluable insight and advice on pet loss, animal welfare, and environmental issues. Looking at human relationships with pets, wild creatures, marine life, and more, Bowen, via thoughtful research, illustrates how we can move through our emotions when dealing with animal loss, and how we can help the animal kingdom.

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