Think Dog

It is not lost on me that while I am on the phone with Victoria Stilwell, chances are that countless people are simultaneously watching her on their TVs. As the much-adored host of Animal Planet’s hit series It’s Me Or The Dog and judge on CBS’s Greatest American Dog, Victoria Stilwell is fast becoming a household name in over 40 countries. more

Julianne Hough

For most people, the idea of being 21 years old conjures carefree images of little-to-no responsibility, staying out until late each night and sleeping in...more

Maria Menounos

I consider myself to be a busy person. A juggler. A multitasker.Or, at least, I did. That all changed when my phone rang and it was Maria Menounos on the other end. more

Rachelle Lefevre

Instantly recognizable for her portrayal of the blood-ravenous vampire Victoria in the film version of Stephanie Meyer’s bestseller Twilight, Rachelle’s rising popularity might explain the onslaught of looky-loo passersby. more

The Good Judge

Young brings campy quick wit, a penchant for bursting into show tunes, and something even more heart-warming to his courtroom: a passion for animal rights.more

Sarah Roemer

There’s a certain privilege that comes from glimpsing a shooting star mid-flight. An air of having been blessed with a rare opportunity—before it’s all but out of reach. And it’s a privilege we felt during our encounter with rising star, actress Sarah Roemer. more

Cesar Millan

While Cesar Millan’s methods have sometimes attracted controversy
and differ in approach from those of our own Fab Five, one thing we can
all agree on is that he has made the relationship between people and
dogs a household discussion. Whether one condones or condemns his
approach, his mass appeal is undeniable. more

Rachael Ray

It’s indisputable, people love her. From her kitchen shorthand (EVOO, anyone?) to her infectious, can-do attitude and un-fussy approach to cooking, Rachael Ray is one of a kind. Her stratospheric rise to a household name has as much to do with her personality as her serious skills in the kitchen. She extracts Oprah-like adoration from her many fans, and it’s not hard to see why. more

Marley & Me

“On one level,” says Grogan, “my book is about a couple with a dog, but
on another level, it really explores a couple trying to figure out
what’s important in life and what really matters on our journey. This
big crazy dog really led us to realize that the real goal is happiness
and you find that at home and you find that with your family.” more

At Home With Jessica Alba

I live in Vancouver, a city with a certain pride in being dubbed
Hollywood North. The shooting of hit productions is so commonplace that
long chains of industry-related trucks and trailers are a regular
fixture of our cityscape. But it’s not the catering vans and
gaffer-types that cause the most excitement. It’s—we’ll admit it —those
“guess-who-I-just-saw!” celeb bump-ins. more


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