The Whippet

The Whippet
The Whippet
Winner Takes All


In the race for first place in the human heart, the Whippet is an odds-on favourite. Neat, sweet, and fleet, these smaller cousins of the ancient Greyhound are tough to beat.

Of course, the Whippet was bred to run, so this sleek-coated sighthound already has an unfair head start in the speed department.

Even-tempered and possessing a strikingly slim physique, the Whippet makes a wonderful, self-contained companion, happy to curl up on the couch—though don’t let that fool you into thinking these laid back indoor-qualities transfer over to the dog park. The AKC standard reads: “Temperament: Amiable, friendly, gentle, but capable of great intensity during sporting pursuits.” In other words, though calm and well behaved the majority of the time, the Whippet will chase anything that moves and while “on the lure” becomes deaf to owners’ pleas to return. Whippet owners are cautioned to never let their dogs off leash in an unsafe area and to build high fences, but their many fans count this small consideration for the pleasure of this breed’s company.

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