INUBOX: The First Fully Automated Dog Toilet

INUBOX: The First Fully Automated Dog Toilet
May 15, 2019 by Modern Pets

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Apartment living, arthritic dogs, busy schedules, or extreme weather conditions are just some of the factors that can make it difficult for dog owners to take their dog out several times a day to use the bathroom. INUBOX is solving this problem for dog owners by being the first fully automated dog toilet. Let your pooch use the bathroom when they please, and you won’t even have to worry about cleaning up the mess after. We spoke with the Newtons Box team about how INUBOX is revolutionizing the way dog’s use the bathroom.

What is INUBOX and why is it a good choice for pet owners?

INUBOX is the first fully automated dog toilet. It captures, processes and contains waste with a clean and odorless process. Our station has an automated built-in platform that is displayed for your dog to use as a toilet. It detects the dog and any waste behind. Hydrophobic materials ensure that nothing sticks to the surface (solid or liquid) or internal components. Waste is processed and contained in a closed bag, and a button seals and cuts the bag for disposal. The station cleans the waste each use, ensuring nothing stays around and prevents odors indoors.


INUBOX keeps your home clean and help care for your dog. It has been programmed to identify your dog’s activity, detect dog waste, process it and contain it automatically, and it designed for small to medium-sized dogs. With a sleek, modern design, INUBOX allows dog owners to maintain a stylish home, all with ease and convenience.


Thanks to the mobile app or the built-in display, you can check consumable levels and you will be notified when waste is ready to be removed. For extraction of waste, it just takes a click of a button – INUBOX will deliver a sealed and detached bag for disposal.



What are the benefits of INUBOX for pets and pet owners?


INUBOX helps to improve the dog’s life. Your dog should be able to go to the toilet freely and as many times as necessary. Holding for too long or too frequently can lead to an increased risk of bladder, kidney, and urinary tract infections. Understanding exactly how often your dog should go out to pee can help make you a better dog owner as you take your dog's comfort into consideration.


INUBOX is Ideal For:

  • High-rise/apartment dwelling dogs.
  • Arthritic or incontinent dogs.
  • Service dogs.
  • Housetraining puppies or older dogs (medium and small size breeds).
  • Puppies going through vaccination shots.
  • Owners with busy schedules.
  • Harsh weather conditions: blizzards, rain, snow, hurricanes, extreme heat.
  • Owners with mobility limitations.


What makes INUBOX unique? How does it stand out in comparison to similar products?

  • Automation. INUBOX takes care of cleaning all dog waste from the platform every time it is used. The owner only must extract the sealed waste once it´s full. The station even cuts the bag for you!
  • Smart. Over 15 sensors detect your dog’s activity and identify any waste left on the platform in order to process it automatically.
  • Built for Odor Control. We take odor very seriously. Waste is cleaned after every use, so it is not laying there for hours. All waste (solid or liquid) is passed through a sanding process that capsules odors and prevents leaking.
  • Additional Fragrance System. We added a fragrance system that activates with each use so you will always have a fresh-smelling home.
  • Training. Every time your dog uses the station, it releases a treat so your dog links using the station with good behaviour.
  • Remote. You can control your station or check its status from anywhere with our mobile app.
  • Heavy Duty. Premium materials ensure your dog will not break it or chew it to destruction.
  • Modern Design. Built to actually look good inside your home. A toilet that does not look like a toilet.
  • Minimum Human Interaction. Our process is built in a way that you have not to struggle with messy situations.


How does this product reflect the values and goals of your organization (charitable giving, production value, etc.)?


We took into consideration the health of the dog as a given. In addition, we wanted to reduce pollution by not using disposable potty pads and reducing the use of plastic bags. INUBOX uses an eco-friendly bag cartridge, which can contain a whole day of waste versus one bag per use. Not only this, but cleaning your floors less reduces the use of harmful chemicals inside your home.


Many dog’s may also have limited access to a backyard or space where they can use the bathroom. Dogs living in apartments, service dogs, companion dogs for the elderly are just a few examples of dogs (and owners) who can benefit from INUBOX.


How much does [this product] cost, and how can pet owners find out more about this product?


The retail price is $799.00 USD and you can follow up at our website ( or our social media channels:


Twitter @inu_box

Instagram @inubox

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