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November 20, 2020 by Modern Pets
The Pack

The weekend is going to the dogs! #PackedWeekend is a celebration of the unconditional love & bond that dogs and their humans share, taking place over three days in honor of the new Amazon Original competition series, The Pack. Brands like Sleepypod will celebrate with discounts, giveaways, upgrades and more.

The Pack, is a new global unscripted series that celebrates the unrivaled bond between

July 26, 2019 by Modern Pets
Toga and Tenley - Service Dogs

Sponsored by Redbarn Pet Products

Redbarn Pet Products has been a trusted brand since 1996 delivering the highest quality ingredients to pets everywhere. Redbarn was started by lifelong friends, Jeff and Howard, their initial goal was and continues to be to make high quality, innovative food and treats at competitive prices. They strive to provide you the highest level of customer service possible and conduct business with

July 15, 2019 by Modern Pets
Yard Solutions

In Partnership with Green Gobbler

Having problems with weeds in your yard but scared the chemicals in most products will hurt your dog? As a pet owner, it can be difficult to find a pet-friendly, natural solution to help reclaim your yard and protect your garden. The ingredients usually found in the heavy-duty weed killers are harmful to the environment, your pet, and your family. 

Glyphosate is a

July 12, 2019 by Modern Pets
Summer Reading

In Partnership with Kensington Books

By Mary Feliz, author of Cliff Hanger: A Maggie McDonald Mystery

Whether you’re kicking back in the shade with a book and a frosty class of iced tea or waiting out a heat wave by enjoying the A/C, there are times when only a dog book will do. Luckily, there are a myriad of authors who love canines as much as we

July 2, 2019 by Modern Pets

In Partnership with Banixx

By Suzanne Quigley, copywriter and animal lover

The jingling tags on his collar serve as a constant reminder.

Your poor pup, he’s at it again, scratching and biting, licking and shaking.

If your pet is plagued with itchiness, know that he’s not alone. Itching, medically known as pruritis, affects many dogs and for a variety of reasons. And all that scratching can lead to other

July 2, 2019 by Modern Pets
Carol Novello

In Partnership with the Humane Society Silicon Valley

Authors Carol Novello and Ginny Graves share stories highlighting the impact adopting and rescuing pets can have on humans in their book Mutual Rescue, How Adopting A Homeless Animal Can Save You, Too. Novello is the president of Humane Society Silicon Valley and has launched the digital short film series,  Mutual

June 5, 2019 by Modern Pets
Up Country Collar

Our pups deserve to be treated once in a while, and not just with food. A comfortable and stylish collar can be hard to find, but thankfully Up Country makes fabulous collars to please both you and your dog. They gave us the inside scoop on why their products are some of the best. 


May 22, 2019 by Modern Pets

CBD Oil for Dogs – 5 Things You Should Know Before Giving It To Your Best Friend

First CBD is short for cannabidiol that is found in cannabis leaves. It has been used for centuries for healing humans and more recently animals too. You are probably more familiar with the terms like weed, Mary Jane, or marijuana. CBD is derived from the gentler cousin known as Hemp, you have probably

May 15, 2019 by Modern Pets

In Partnership with INUBOX

Apartment living, arthritic dogs, busy schedules, or extreme weather conditions are just some of the factors that can make it difficult for dog owners to take their dog out several times a day to use the bathroom. INUBOX is

May 15, 2019 by Modern Pets
Holistic Hound

By Heidi Hill, Co-Founder of Holistic Hound & Certified Homeopath


I would have never described myself as an entrepreneur, especially when I was working in finance



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