Winter Wonderland Photo Gallery

Winter Wonderland Photo Gallery


Although many dog owners aren't looking forward to the weather winter brings, they are looking forward to how happy it makes their dogs! These canines are getting the most out of chilly conditions. 

1) Juneau

Juneau, the majestic Australian shepherd, stoically gazes out at her mythical snowy surroundings. - Submitted by Dani P


2) Gadget


Who needs springtime? Gorgeous Gadget isn't worried about shoveling the driveway or driving to work, but he does have a day of adventure ahead of him in the snow! - Submitted by Cora


3) Gretsky

Like his namesake Wayne Gretsky, this handsome German Shepherd isn't adverse to cold weather sports! In this photo, he looks straight out of The Call of the Wild!


4) Kevin

This Golden Doodle adores the snow! Definitely not a guy that dreads winter when it rolls around.


5) Zorro

Zorro, a Colorado dog, lives in the mountains, and is totally in his element during winter snowfalls!


6) Pilsner Puplinski

This havachon, who incidentally has one of the best names we've heard in a while, was featured in this photo during his first snowstorm!


7) Theon

Any Games of Thrones fans out there? Like his literary namesake, doggy Theon is used to the snow and the cold! This guy sure doesn't mind when winter is coming.


8) Riker

Riker the Spring Spaniel is all ready for a day in the sparkling powder!


9) Bear

Bear the poofy Samoyed may have a name that indicates he likes hibernating, but he's totally ready to venture into the snow!


10) Fitz

Fitz is totally ready to explore the wintery woods, complete with a perfect cozy jacket to keep him warm!




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