What's My Dog's Summer Personality Type?

What's My Dog's Summer Personality Type?
What's My Dog's Summer Personality Type?
Take this quiz to find out what must-have summer stuff suits your dog's summer personality


Take this quiz to see what type of summer adventures best suit your dog, then turn the page to see must-have products tailored to your dog’s personality type!

1.  What type of toy does your dog most respond to?
A  Anything to play tug with!
B  Sticks! We can play fetch forever.
C  Anything that floats!
D  Not into toys—he likes lounging!


2. What is your dog’s favourite environment?
A  The couch
B  Forest trails
C  A puddle or a pool—basically anywhere there’s water!
D  Starbucks


3. What is your dog’s favourite summer treat?
A  Hot dogs
B  Liver snaps
C  Ice cream
D  The free dog cookies they sometimes give out at stores


4. What is your dog’s must-have summer accessory?
A  Bandana (which could also serve as a bib)
B  Harness
C  Waterproof Gear
D  A nice leash and collar


5. If your dog could go anywhere on vacation, where would she choose?
A  Texas for the BBQ!
B  Mount Kilimanjaro, or to some other challenging hiking locale
C  Hawaii, or somewhere with surf and sun!
D  New York City, baby!

Mostly A’s—PARTY PUP!
Your dog likes chilling, visiting with friends and family, and eating. Here are the products you should have on the menu for days like this.

You and your dog like to get outdoors and explore the paths less travelled. Your dog’s ideal day is spent romping through the wilderness or reaching the summit of your local mountain. Here are the products perfect for adventurous pups like yours.

Mostly C’s—WATER DOG!
Your dog is all about the beach life. If there's a body of water, be it a pool, ocean, or puddle, your dog wants to be in it! Here are the safest and best products for a day spent on or by the water.

Mostly D’s—CITY HOUND!
Nothing suits your dog better than an urban stroll and posting up at a table outside your local café while you enjoy a latte and your dog enjoys the people watching. Here are the best products for a chill, urban outing with your pup.

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