Two Former Research Beagles Get Married

Beagles Get Married
Two Former Research Beagles Get Married
The Kindness Ranch Animal Sanctuary celebrates the wedding of two bonded rescue Beagles saved from animal testing


On a sunny day in Wyoming, The Kindness Ranch celebrated an event they dubbed “Love after Laboratories.” The occasion? The wedding of two Beagles, Uno and Cami, saved from animal research.

The event was particularly sweet given where the dogs started. Just last year, the two were housed in an Envigo research breeding facility. The dogs were part of a historic release of 4,000 Beagles after the facility was shut down for egregious violations following years of alarm over the treatment of their dogs. Drone footage capturing the Beagles’ plight spurred the closure, and the dogs became the subject of the largest animal welfare seizure in the history of The Humane Society of the United States.

Uno was the first dog released. Both he and another of the Beagles, Cami, were adopted into a loving home—that of The Kindness Ranch Executive Director John Ramer. (Prince Harry and Meghan Markle also took in one of the Beagles. So did the governor of New Jersey.)

Since their first meeting, the two dogs have been inseparable and have fallen deeply in love with each other, reports The Kindness Ranch. Uno has shown Cami how to beg for treats, how fun it is to roll in horse manure, and that you can trust humans again. “These two have become the accidental ambassadors of The Kindness Ranch, so we thought we'd throw them a fun wedding,” says Ramer.



Dressed in finery for the occasion, the pair had their paws in the grass and the adoration of the gathered group—things the duo had never experienced just a short time prior.

The bride wore a light pink floral gown and the groom looked sharp in a gray tuxedo. They did not exchange vows, as they were too busy eyeing the treats in everyone's hands. After the ceremony, Uno and Cami celebrated by grabbing the floral bouquet and playing chase with it. They even went on a two-week Honeymoon visiting the Grand Canyon.

For over 15 years, The Kindness Ranch has provided sanctuary and adoption for thousands of animals who have been used in laboratory research. The 1,000-acre sanctuary serves as a soft-landing spot for former research companion animals, as well as a final home for farm animals rescued from research. Rescued companion animals are given a safe space for rehabilitation before they find their forever homes. The Kindness Ranch team works to rehabilitate rescued dogs and cats in a home-like environment. The pets live with caretakers in spacious yurts specially designed to meet their needs, and receive round-the-clock care to help them adjust to their new lives.  

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