Surf - Top Dog Sites

Surf - Top Dog Sites


Afternoon pick-me-up

Just try and keep from smiling while looking at these charmingly ridiculous upside-downdog photos. We double dog dare you.

A cure for surly coworkers

Email your grumpy office mate a link to this site that features a daily photo of a cute puppy. Perhaps she’s just in need of a little cute distraction (aren’t we all?). Cue to ask for that favour: when you hear “Awwwww” from the next cubicle. If you hear nothing? Run. We all know only the Antichrist doesn’t like puppies.

Training help

Before you throw yourself out the window to get away from the non-stop barking/whining/ peeing, check out this site, chock full of super helpful training tips, clearly explained in steps you might actually follow.

Veterinary straight talk

Get help deciphering/remembering just what it was your vet explained to you; look it up on this very helpful site of detailed online pet health information and resources from veterinarian professionals. The site is the newest venture of Veterinary Information Network (, an interactive resource site for vets, veterinary students, and the veterinary industry, so you know you’re getting the goods.

TMZ for dog lovers

Get your fix of celebrities snapped candidly with their dogs, from Jennifer Love Hewitt rollerblading with her Boxer to Gossip Girl’s Blake Lively on set with her Miniature Poodle, Penny. Bonus: you can feel better about your guilty pleasure because descriptions about the dogs replace the usual meanspirited comments.

Vacation planner

DFE stands for dog friendly establishment and this site delivers just that. Going beyond the usual listings of dog-friendly hotels and motels, delivers results for all sorts of places across the US that allow access to your four-legged pal, campgrounds and stores included. Search by city and state to plan your vacation, from dog-welcoming hotels and restaurants to dog parks and emergency veterinary service.

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