Look Great and Help Pets in Need this Halloween!

Look Great and Help Pets in Need this Halloween!


Have you decided what your pet will be wearing this Halloween? If not, you must

check out Rubie's Pet Shop Boutique!  The pet costume brand, based in

Long Island, NY, offers an extensive line of pet costumes and accessories for

dogs (and cats) of all sizes including the “Big Dog Collection” (sizes XL to XXXL) 

and with easy photo-sharing outlets like Instagram and Snapchat, dressing up

your pet is more popular than ever before!

Choose from a range of fan favorite characters such as Star Wars, Batman,

Superman, Wonder Woman, Spider-Man, The Avengers, Minions, Ghostbusters,

Paw Patrol, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Star Trek, Scooby Doo and much more.

The line also has the largest selection of non-licensed wearables for Halloween

and other celebrations throughout the year. What's also cool is that the mix and

match accessories make it possible to create a variety of unique looks, so if your

pup wants to wear a lion’s mane with a pink tutu, it’s not only possible, but

something Rubie's would totally #repost.

What's more, a percentage of all pet costumes sold this Halloween will go to

CRISP Chicago who provide free services to help Chicago pet owners keep their

pets rather than surrendering them in cases such as landlords not allowing pets

or if owners find themselves in a situation where the cost to keep their pet is too

high. They've also teamed up with Adventure Sqaud to help promote this

awesome cause (and to give followers some great costume ideas!). 

Check out Rubies Instagram and follow them on Facebook and Twitter – you won’t be sorry!

And shop online here or find a retailer near you

Also make sure to check out CRISP Chicago and Adventure Sqaud!

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