Doggone Funny

Dave Coverly
Doggone Funny
Cartoonist Dave Coverly sends up dog guardianship in all its wonderfully weird and very funny glory


Dave Coverly clearly gets dogs (and dog people), sending up their antics and endearing peculiarities and peccadilloes in Dogs Are People, Too, a laugh-out-loud funny collection of dog cartoons from his brilliant nationally syndicated panel, Speedbump.

“Pets have been ubiquitous in my life and so I naturally think about them a lot—and like the cliché goes, you should write what you know,” says Dave. “They are absolutely terrific fodder because it's something we have in common, which is a main ingredient of humour—and most of us anthropomorphize our furry kids already! This is probably the most important point, really. We don't think of them as animals, we think of them as family—and rightly so.”

Dave’s send up of what it is like to live with dogs is pitch perfect, bringing laughs and nods of recognition. He captures dog guardianship in all it’s comedic, joyful, sometimes frustrating, and often perplexing glory.

“To paraphrase Mark Twain, every jest should contain a nugget of truth,” says Dave. “Recognizing ourselves or others is an essential trigger for laughter.”

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