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Dog Psychic - The Soul Communicator
A conversation with a Claudia Hehr


Dog psychic Claudia Hehr has been a professional animal communicator for over 25 years. Here, she spills the secrets: how it works, what dogs most often want to know, and how we can better communicate with our pets.

“Since I can remember, I always knew what was going on with the animals that I met or saw from a distance, in pictures, or on TV,” says dog psychic Claudia Hehr. “I just knew what they went through or how they were treated, and I felt their fears, worries, and concerns.”

Claudia has been communicating with animals her entire life and has been working as a professional animal communicator for over 25 years. 

“One of my clients contacted me to ask her dog companion if he was lonely and maybe wanted another companion,” she shares. “He said that yes, he was lonely but would prefer his guardian stay at home with him. My client told him that she needed to go to work.

“He asked if it would be possible for her to work from home, but she said no, since her boss wanted her to work from the office. He asked her why she didn’t work for herself.

My client’s response was that she didn’t know what to do, how to make money or even how to go about it. Her dog companion gave her a detailed description of what she should do and how to do it, step by step. My client was listening and taking in his advice. Now my client is working from home, has five full time employees, bought a little farm, and even adopted another dog companion for her dog to play with.”

Stories like this are not uncommon for Claudia. She has communicated with thousands of animals and hundreds of different species, she says. We asked her how it works and what our dogs most often want to know.

Q: Can you connect with people too or just animals?

A: I communicate with animals physical and non-physical, people physical and nonphysical, plants, rocks, Mother Earth. I have communicated with unborn children, babies, people who are handicapped and cannot talk. I can even connect with your organs or each cell in your body. For me everything is someone.

Q: Do animals just spontaneously connect with you, say dogs on the street, and want to communicate something?

A: Absolutely. Animals are very open and connect right away with me when I see them.

Many times, animals that I know or have communicated with before also get in touch with me over a distance.

Q: Can you connect with pets that have passed on?

A: Yes. Connecting people with their animal companions who have left their physical bodies is big part of my work. Personally, I connect with all my animal companions who have left their physical bodies several times a day.

Q: What do dogs most commonly want you to tell their people?

A: One of the most common things that animals ask about or like to know about is what is going on or what is going to happen, now and in the future. Not knowing is very stressful for them and brings on a lot of anxiety.

Q: What should people be telling their dogs to reduce their stress?

A: It is always so helpful to tell our animal companions what is going on or what is going to happen. These can be little things like friends coming over for dinner, people coming into our homes for repairs, roofers, and so on. Other things that are important for our animal companions to know are things like trips to the groomer or veterinarian and especially what is going to happen there.

Q: How does it work being a dog psychic? What information do you need to connect with a pet?

A: Communicating with animals can be done either in person/animal or over a distance. 

When I connect with an animal, I connect with his or her soul and that is why I can also connect with animals who have left their physical bodies. Souls are immortal.

Most of my communication sessions are over a distance since I have clients all over the world. When I connect with an animal, I just need to know who I am connecting with, however, most of my clients send me a picture of their animal companions. Always nice to see who you are connecting with.

Sessions costs depend on length and start at $75 CAD. Find Claudia at

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