Do You Have the Same Personality as Your Dog?

Do You Have the Same Personality as Your Dog?
Do You Have the Same Personality as Your Dog?
Canine Personality Study


We've all heard the old cliché that people look like their dogs. Turns out we act like them too! A new study shows that people and their dogs tend to socialize, eat, and learn new skills in very similar ways.

According to the Natural Balance Canine Personality Study, a survey of over 1000 American dog parents conducted by Natural Balance Pet Foods in conjunction with Learndipity Data Insights, we love dogs who are, more often than not, just like us.

Study Findings Show That:

1. People Choose Dogs Who Act Just Like Them

  • 66% of extroverted people have extroverted dogs—and there's a 65% chance that an introverted dog will have an introverted human parent.
  • If you're a choosy eater, your dog is 3 times more likely to be one as well.
  • If you identify as a lifelong learner, there's a 72% chance your dog will be good at learning new tricks.

2. Dogs Display Complex Emotions Just Like We Do

  • Dogs' personalities are highly nuanced and they experience many emotions that are all too familiar to us humans.
  • If you're hurt or late coming home, 90% of dog parents believe your dog is worried about you.
  • 79% of respondents said dogs can feel embarrassment, while 93% are certain they've seen their dog smile.

3. Dogs Strongly Influence the Emotions of their Human Parents

  • According to 79% of dog parents surveyed, their dogs consciously and actively attempt to comfort them.
  • 55% reported that their dog looks at them with loving eyes that communicate deep emotion.
  • 52% said their dog is able to accurately sense when they are sad.

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