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Dogs and Children: Healthier in Homes With Dogs

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foster a dog

Foster a Homeless Pet, Save a Life and Your Sanity!

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The Single Thing That’s Ruining Most of Your Dog Photos

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Get ready to wow your friends and family with super-cute dog pics! We up your photo taking game with five easy ways to greatly improve your photos more
Is Your Dog Stressed or Depressed?

Is Your Dog Stressed or Depressed?

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A hundred years ago, most dogs herded, hunted, guarded, ratted or tracked much of the day, then ate scraps for dinner before retiring for the evening, sleeping either outside or in a cold kennel with other dogs. They rarely saw the veterinarian and often didn’t even see the inside of a home. Life was utilitarian; they had jobs, and any affection or leisure time came as payback for a job well done. more
 Pet Head's shampoo and deodorising spray

Best Gifts For Dogs: Health & Wellness

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