Tiny Dog Stories—Winter 2022

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Sneak Peek: Modern Dog's Winter Issue is Here!

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Ah winter, the season for everything festive and cozy, for cool and crisp outdoor adventures and evenings cuddled on the couch. The year’s final chapter is a reminder that everything is cyclical, change is inevitable, and there are always good things coming—whether it’s under the tree or the promise of spring’s renewal. Thank you for celebrating the season—and dogs, our lessons in joy—with us! more

Longevity in Dogs: The Long and the Short of It

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I found myself trying to comfort a grieving woman. “He was so young,” she sobbed. “He hadn’t even reached his seventh birthday. Why did he have to die?” Her distress was not over the loss of a child but rather over the passing of her beautiful harlequin Great Dane, Frederick, who had died of a cardiac problem. Although I could share in her sorrow emotionally, my rational mind wanted to remind her that if you get a large dog, you should brace yourself for the fact that there is a high probability that your dog will die at a young age. more
Dog Breeds Good With Cats

Which Dog Breeds Are Good With Cats?

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Are you considering bringing a cat into your dog-friendly household or a dog into your cat-friendly household? We asked Gina DiNardo, American Kennel Club Executive Secretary and expert on all things breed related, for the low down on which dogs are the best with cats. Q: Which breeds are good with cats? more

Tiny Dog Stories—Fall 2022

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