DIY Eat: Bentley's Blend

DIY Eat: Bentley's Blend
DIY Eat: Bentley's Blend
A chicken and rice dinner for your dog by Haylie Duff


Haylie Duff’s little dog Chicken is a big fan of Haylie’s cooking and so are we! Turns out the actress and singer is also darn talented in the kitchen, whipping up delish recipes for people and dogs alike. Bentley’s Blend, one of Haylie’s recipes for dogs, is a big hit with her four-legged friends. She sweetly shared the recipe with us so you can delight your pack with it, too!

"I adopted Chicken a year ago and I love to spoil her rotten. If you giggled at her name, let me explain.

I had just ended a long relationship and vowed to stay single for a year, no matter who came along. Of course, the universe decided to set a great guy right in my lap. I met him around the same time I adopted Chicken. When he met her, he suggested naming her Chicken Burrito because she did in fact look like a chicken burrito. I thought, “no way am I letting some guy name my dog. If we don’t work out I’ll be reminded of him every day.” I really liked him but decided it was best for me to stick to my original single gal plan. Shortly after, the guy and I went our separate ways. I named her Kenzie and that was that.Well, the universe has a funny sense of humour because a year later I’m in the happiest relationship with the previously mentioned guy. I no longer refer to him as some guy…and as for Kenzie, she has gone back to her original name too. Chicken."—Haylie Duff

1 - 2 cups no-sodium brown rice
1 pound chicken breast
1 pound bag no-sodium frozen carrots
1 pound bag of no-sodium frozen peas
1 Tbsp flax seeds
1 Tbsp omega oil for dogs

How To
Cook the brown rice (don’t add salt!). 
Boil the chicken and set aside to cool.
Drop the peas and carrots into the hot water and remove from heat once they are no longer frozen.
Chop chicken into small cubes.
Toss in veggies, flax seeds & omega oil.
Serve & watch your dog lick his chops!

Haylie Duff is host of Real Girl’s Kitchen. Season two returns to Cooking Channel on Saturday, May 2. For more recipes at your fingertips, check out her wonderful cookbook of the same name.

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