Best Articles of 2014

Top 10 Articles of 2014
Best Articles of 2014
Here's a trip down memory lane featuring our top 10 articles of the year!


10) Food Allergies 101

Get the low-down on how food allergies work and how they could be affecting your pup. Includes great tips for doing some allergen-sleuthing in your dog’s diet.


9) Dog People vs Cat People

Is there really a difference between the two? Do the old stereotypes hold up? Find out here!


8) What is My Dog Trying to Tell Me?

Is she hungry? Scared? Happy? Check out this guide to our dogs behavior to unlock the secret code.


7) How To Read Your Dog's Body Language

A handy reference that will make interacting with your dog (or any new dog) so much simpler. Learn what their body language is hinting at so that you can treat them appropriately and avoid any sticky situations.

6) Natural Relief for Your Dog's Urinary Tract Infections

The natural way to deal this very serious problem—must-know information!


5) A Vet's Take On Why Dogs Eat Grass

Why, oh why? Our Vet and expert weighs in.


4) A Trainer's Truth About Crates

This hot-button issue always gets people talking. See what our expert Trainer has to say about crating.


3) 10 More "People" Food for Dogs

Popcorn, pineapple, and parsley, oh my! Our readers couldn’t get enough of People Foods for Dogs.


2) Can Dogs Eat Apples?

Well, can they?


1) 10 "People" Foods for Dogs

This is it—our most popular article of 2014. We love that so many people want to include their canine pals in their mealtime, and this list has some nutritional secret weapons and surprises. An absolute must-read!

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