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Meet: Ziggy

American Pit Bull Terrier
All Paws Rescue
O'Fallon, MO

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Hi, I'm Ziggy. I am a one year old American Pit Bull Terrier with green eyes and a curly tail. I am deaf, which just means I don't hear you if you talk to me. I am just like any normal dog, except you have to use hand signs to tell me what you want. I have trained my foster mom to give me treats for all sorts of tricks, like sitting and lying down and staying in place and doing spins and giving high-fives. My foster mom thinks I'm the smartest dog she has ever met, but she says that is not necessarily a good thing. She says I am a challenge sometimes and need an experienced dog owner because I am too smart for my own good. I was turned into a local shelter as a puppy and was taken in by my foster mom who volunteers with All Paws Rescue in Missouri. I have lived with my foster family for over a year now! My foster mom has a Great Dane and we love to play tug. She also has a deaf pit bull mix named Noelle and we've become very good friends. But I would really like to have my very own family. Will you be able to help me? If you can't adopt me, maybe you can tell others about me. I have my own web page at Or you can contact my foster mom at
1 year
The Zigster, Zig-man, Land Shark
power machinery, learning new tricks
wearing clothing, waiting for anything
Favorite Foods: 
bananas, meat, birdseed, and everything else he's ever tried
Favorite Pastimes: 
chewing, exploring new places, playing in the snow

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